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We develop intelligent algorithms to automatically recognize and measure 3D data and images.

Digital Dentistry

The new digital workflow brought by
CAD-CAM technologies has greatly improved dentistry’s clinical and
laboratory procedures.


We research new ways to improve digital dentistry workflows, by combining AI with digital dentistry. Our objectives are to improve the daily clinical procedures and share them with the world.


Years ago, Artificial Intelligence stopped being a fantasy and became a reality.

Machines have surpassed human beings in many tasks!

We develop state-of-the-art algorithms for a wide variety of tasks related to dentistry.


Digital Dentistry

In the early 80´s, CAD-CAM technologies were introduced into dentistry allowing improvements in clinical and laboratory procedures. The “Digital Workflow” involves 3 fundamental steps: data acquisition, data processing and the manufacturing process.

  • Data acquisition can be performed through different devices which digitize our patients such as: facial, intraoral and laboratory scanners, CBCT and radiographs.
  • Data Processing: The 3-dimensional information obtained in step 1 must be imported into CAD softwares to design appropiate devices to treat our patients.
  • Finally, we need to manufacture the 3D designs, and this is done through milling machines or 3D printers.

In recent years, advancements in digital dentistry have been limited. Why? Because nobody dared to change their perspective. We decided to turn into reality our own developments, connecting AI with Dentistry as never before.



How and where can AI help to improve the dentistry digital workflow?

Will it be safe and precise enough for its use in real clinical practice?

We have identified some limitations in the actual digital workflow and we believe that our solutions based on scientific research can eliminate the gap and connect the dots.

Our first product Implantif.AI is ready! Check it out now!


Who We Are

MovumTech is a start-up co-Founded by Dentist and a Computer Scientist, with exceptionally talented people and with a strong technological research base focused in dentistry.

Together, we think outside the box to make a positive impact through the development of disruptive technologies that will improve the dentistry digital workflow used in clinical practices worldwide.

Wenceslao Piedra Cascón

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Design the

Future with us

The backbone of a successful company is the talent and drive of its team and close collaborators.

If you would like to know more about us, don’t hesitate to contact us!